QuaranTEAM Games Week 2

Week 2 is here! Well done on week one, all those press ups have been great!

We have had great feedback from the team captains and it has been amazing to see how well everyone is getting on. People are reporting great nutritional improvements and are making positive steps to improve mindset and mindfulness. Also home training is going well, lots of members are doing brilliant home workouts.

Your coaches will still be issuing the daily challenges and you will still get points for doing them.

Here is some info on how the points work

We score you in three ways:

We score you maximum points for completing the challenge spot on, 100%. 

Then we give you mid range points for 75% completed, that would be like a B grade in a test, great but could do a bit better.

We still give you points for 25% completed, we all know life gets in the way too often. If you are getting this score please ask your coach for help.

Here is the link to fill out your results for this week:

This week

A- Run 3k

Now we all know some people love running, some hate it. Well this week we will all forget any hate and we will all get outside and run! The challenge is to run 3km, For some this is really easy, if that is you please just run further or maybe add some weight for a change? If 3km is far for you then do what you need to do to be a challenge. split it into 1k a day perhaps? Ask your coach for tips!

Most important part is you have fun and stay safe!! Head touches might be needed for your run when it is dark.

We do have our online running club where you can see what other runners are doing. Please join our Strava Club and log your run on there!

B- Google Review. 

Thank you for being part of the gym. We really appreciate you for making the gym what it is. We thank you for your business and support we truly value you as a member of Team Loggerheads. To help the gym improve we need a great online presence, so to help us to get that please can you leave us a (5 star) Google review.

Here is the link:

Google Review Link

We are so happy to help you during this second lockdown. Please message your coach if you need any extra help.

We do have our at home online shop if you need anything!! Free delivery by our coaches! order your sups or gym swag now!

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