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QuaranTEAM Games Week 1

For the QuaranTEAM Games all of our amazing members have been assigned to a team with one of our coaches being the team captain. Your coach will share with you daily challenges for Nutrition and Mindset. They will also guide you and help you with extra workouts for remote coaching.

Please use your team groups to chat about the daily challenges and support each other if you have questions. Your coach will also be there to help too!

This is week one of your weekly Games Challenges, which will be issued by Gray, the Games Master. The focus of this week is Press Ups and sharing your home gym set up with other people at the gym.

A-Complete Max Press Ups As a Team.

For press ups please use your judgment, this is a challenge and you need to challenge yourself but also make it do-able. So If you need to do incline press ups then do them. Please keep a daily score and update your team constantly on your daily rep scores. The team with the highest reps will win this challenge.

B-Post a Photo Of Your Home Gym Set Up To Other Members

For the home gym set up photo, please share a photo on the main whatsapp group and/or the facebook group. Please share with others info on how you train at home. It will be ace for other people in our tribe to see what you’re doing!!

Weekly Bonus Points

There are other weekly bonus points up for grabs. These may change weekly but are very do able. They might include completing H’s release of the week (coach Harriet’s weekly self massage release technique to practise daily, she will post a video of it when she reveals it in her zoom class on Thursday). There are also other ways to get points and help the gym and others at the same time. We would like you to share what we are doing with your friends please.

To enter your scores please fill out the Google Form

We will issue the form at the start of the week and would like responses back by 1000hrs on Sunday.

Any problems with the challenges please let me know or anything please let me know!

Have fun,

Gray and the crew/

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