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Gym Vision Statement

Our wifi password

What is our wifi password? ‘Happiness’. That is our wifi password, the wifi name is ‘FitnessHealth’ and the password is ‘Happiness’.

What have I just told you this for? Is it so you can sit in the carpark and use our super fast broadband connection? 

Not really, it is because I wanted to let you know about our vision for the gym.

Gym Vision

To be the happiest place in Shropshire

Since the start of the gym we have always wanted to help people. As we are now 13 years into being open we can use our experiences to really help us to see what we are all about. We have gone a little further than just fitness. We want to help you the best way we can. After speaking to everyone, members and prospective clients most people want to be a little bit more happier.

We love making our members smile

We are still in the early day of shaping the gym to be the happiest place in Shropshire but we have the coaches and team to do it. The number one skill all our coaches have is that they are nice, happy people. When you come in for a Personal Training session or a Group Class our coaches will be smiling and helping you have a fun time.

Happiest Place In Shropshire
The Happiest Place In Shropshire

Our vision is to make the gym the happiest place in Shropshire. We want each and every visit to be the highlight of your day.

There are many ways we are doing this, we all know the endorphin rush you get when going through a workout is great. Post workout you still get a great buzz too. We want to go more into helping you than just workouts, we do mindfulness and mindset training to help you work on the mental side of being happy. We also offer nutrition coaching to speed up fat loss to help you get the body you would like. We can offer these services in the gym or at home too.

In the next blog we will be talking about our Mission Statement. I really look forward to share it with you.

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