Mission Statement

Fitness, Health, Happiness

We want to help people become fit, healthy and happy. 

We have chosen those because all three are linked and our end goal which is happiness. From the moment you walk into the gym we will have your back to help you be fit, healthy and happy.


Happy Kids Class
Everyone smiles in the gym, even our kids class is happy.


A key part of being happy is to be healthy. Just waking up and not being sore or having a bad back every morning might be a lot of peoples idea of being healthy, living a fulfilled pain free life.


Other people might want to be fit enough to run 50 mile races and do really well. That is their idea of fitness. Where as other people might want to be able to be fit enough to walk down to the shops and be able to squat down to the bottom shelves.

Just for you

Even though we are all different we all can share an aim to improve and get fit, get healthy and be happy. We can as a gym talk to you one on one to help us understand your definitions of being fit, healthy and happy. We regularly plan one to one sessions where we talk to you about your fitness goals and we work out a strategy to help achieve them.

Now I have shared our Vision and Mission Statements for the gym I hope you understand a little more about what we do and why we do it. We really want to help you first.

Next we will talk about our Values and the Mission Statement a little more in-depth.

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