Indoor Rowing Workshop

Indoor rowing is much more technical than many people expect. Rowing is a full body exercise and the way in which you row is important. You will be much higher protected from injury in you have the basics of the technique right. You will also be much more efficient and get more from your training if you row in the right way.

This is exactly why we are running an indoor rowing workshop next month at the box!

The technical basics

Some of the key skills that we will focus on in our rowing class include:

The catch:

This is the starting position of each stroke, where you’ll need to ensure that your body is in the right position and your arms are fully extended before you begin the pull.

The drive:

This is the part of the stroke where you’ll use your legs, back, and arms to power the handle back towards your chest. It’s important to use a smooth, continuous motion and avoid jerky movements or pauses.

The finish:

This is the end of each stroke, where you’ll need to make sure that your arms are fully extended and your body is leaning slightly back before you release the handle and return to the catch position.

The fun part!

You will also have lots of fun on the course! We’ll combine technical training with fitness work and friendly competition. You’ll have the opportunity to have a fun competition in the small class size. We’ll also run a team relay so you will have a team challenge too!

What you will learn

By focusing on these key skills, you’ll be able to improve your rowing technique and get more out of each stroke. You’ll also be building the foundation for more advanced skills, like the ability to row at higher intensities or to perform more complex movements like rowing sprints or intervals.

Overall, the small group rowing class at CrossFit Shropshire is a great way to improve your fitness and become more efficient in your rowing technique. You will also have fun along the way!

How to sign up

The course is running 12-1pm each Tuesday in April from 4th-25th. It is limited to 4 spaces so you need to act fast to sign up! Simply send us a message if you would like to sign up or if you have any questions.

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