Small Group Classes

At CrossFit Shropshire we only coach in small groups. This is something that we are careful to protect and are very proud of. This means that at our CrossFit classes you get the coaching that you deserve. We want to deliver you best hour of your day and I am pleased to say we do this very regularly for our members!

When you come to the gym you get coached from start to finish. This high-value service really helps you to achieve your fitness goals much faster than just going to an access-only gym.

CrossFit Shropshire was one of the very first CrossFit Gyms in the UK. We coach old-school CrossFit. This means we do not have large groups where the coach:client ratio is 1:20 (or worse!). We have 1:8 maximum, which means our very experienced staff will coach you for a large portion of the session! 

Inclusiveness at the gym is very important to us and we truly mean it when we say everybody is welcome. We ensure all activities and exercises are adapted to suit you. So nobody is ever left feeling that they are pushed to do anything that’s not in their best interests, such as lifting too heavy weights. So in each session we ensure that you do the moves that are right for you.

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