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WMW2.1 DE deadlifts then a short and fast wod!

[accordion title=”Warm Up/ Skill Transfer”]
-Run 200m @ 90-98 cadence
-Hit some warm up reps of the Deadlift prior the working weight. In-between MWOD (stretch, massage etc) areas of need
-No run/row today
[accordion title=”Strength”]
-DE Deadlift 80% of your 1 rep max (no bands today)
Use your comfortable stance and x5 x3-5
Speed is the key here. Ensure bar moves faster than 0.8-1metres per second. Basically as fast as you can!!
[accordion title=”S&C WOD”]
3 Rounds for total reps:
0:30 Pull ups
0:30 Russian KBS 2/1.5pood
0:30 SDHP 35kg barbell
0:30 Hand release press ups
Rest 1:00
[accordion title=”Assistance”]
Tall Clean 5-5-3-3-3-1-1
Go quite heavy with this drill. It’s the third pull of the clean. Stand tall and pull your body under the bar aggressively and fast.
[accordion title=”Cool Down”]
-Immediately ride 400m post workout. Focus on good skill for the duration of this ride.
[accordion title=”Intent”]
Speed deads, these help you to generate power by using speed. We are week 2 of the wave so its getting a wee bit heavier. Then a wod with a good mix of movements with a short effort and a rest. This is short and fast so would want a high work load (pace well so you don’t score zero on any though!)


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