[accordion title=”Warm Up/ Skill Transfer”]
-Run 200m @ 90-98 cadence
-3X NFT 5-15 Quality reps use a light barbell and get heavier when skill allows:
HSPU                                                     Ring Rows
Hollow body (1 rock=1 rep)         GHR
Front Squat (ATG)                           Overhead Squat (ATG)
Sotts Press                                          MWOD
-Run 200m, include some sprints.


[accordion title=”S&C WOD”]

Newport Beach Crippler
For time
30 Body weight back squats
Run 1600m

[accordion title=”Assistance”]
Sled Drag 10m x 5


[accordion title=”Cool Down”]

-Row 200m (before assistance work)
-3X NFT 5-15 reps
Back to wall POSE                             BOF Hops
Kipping HSPU Drill                            Reverse Hypers
MWOD                                                 Box Breathing


[accordion title=”Intent”]

This is a benchmark workout, Strength endurance and speed strength and a focus. Keep skill maintained on the run. Then sled drags, practice for next weeks wod! Find a heavy weight you can fast walk but not run with, try sub 4:00 mph.



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