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[accordion title=”Warm Up/ Skill Transfer”]

-Run 200m @ 90-98 cadence
-100 quality warm up reps of the OHS. In-between sets practice Hollow body, wall bar front/back holds and MWOD areas of need
-No run/row today


[accordion title=”Strength”]

-DE Box Squat
Wide stance, hip crease below parallel
70% 1rm, x  6 x 3-4
If form goes after 3 sets stop


[accordion title=”S&C WOD”]

7:00 AMRAP
1 OHS 90% 1rm
10 TTB


[accordion title=”Cool Down”]

-Immediately run 200m post workout. Focus on good skill for the duration of this run. Then hit the assistance work.

-3X NFT 5-15 reps
Tall Clean
Walking Jerk
Reverse Hypers
Box Breathing

-Intent: Wide stance to get your hips strong. Gone for the 6 reps for a change. Keep barbell speed up. The wod




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