QuaranTEAM Games Week 3

Week 3 is here. To help our members get through the second lockdown we have been doing the QuaranTEAM Games.

Each week our members have been working as an online team, supporting each-other daily and completing fun challenges. 

Last week everyone went outside and ran. Everyone challenged themselves which was amazing! Some people thought 3k was too easy and did extra for others it was enough and did an ace job doing that.

A- Bottom of the Squat

So this week is quite exciting. The goal is to help us to open our hips and to reclaim native positions. Squatting all the way down is a great way to accumulate good time in end range and is great to restore position. The idea is to be able to squat for 10 minutes at end range easy, just hang out there in a good position. 

The trouble is some of us do lack that good bottom position. So this weeks challenge is to:
As a team add up the maximum time in the bottom position of the squat.

This means you need to get your heels down, chest up, hips below parallel and be comfortable there.

The goal is to be comfortable for 10 minutes, do little and often throughout the day and acclimate some ace reps!

B- Complete a BSF

At CrossFit Shropshire we have a weekly routine in our private facebook page for our members. Every Friday we create a thread called “Bright Spots Friday” (BSF) and encourage our members to talk about what went right for them that week. It could be related to wins at home, in the gym, at work or just in life.

Why is this important? Because sometimes life is overwhelming. Sometimes we have a lot on our plate and feel overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities.

That’s why we share our bright spots with each other. Because we’re a community, and we support each other. We care about each other. We see each other as friends, and want to celebrate each other for doing AWESOME things. We post our bright spots not to talk about how amazing we are (but let’s not kid, you are pretty amazing) but instead to bring intentional awareness to the things in our lives that we are going RIGHT for a change. It also allows our friends to celebrate with us and cheer us on.

So as you go through your week, when something good happens, acknowledge it then and there. Think to your self, this is a good moment! This is a BSF! Then with your list share it with your friends at the gym.

If it is too good to wait until Friday early BSFs are ok! But please still comment on others BSFs too!

Record Your Responses

Here is the link to record your responses this week.

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