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QuaranTEAM Games Week 4

Last week is here!

I am so impressed with all your hard work over the last few weeks. All those press ups and time at the bottom of the squats were a highlight for me to see.

Thank You

I really want to say thank you everyone for being part of the tribe. It is such an ace place because of all of you; the ace members and top coaches. 

We are keen to get back into in person training. So far we are in Tier Two for when we open back up. We have made a plan and will make sure we offer a great service and help you all in a safe way.

So to finish off with the Challenge I would like to make it a very interesting one, a little bit different.

Expose yourself to cold water (for at least a 3-minute stretch) every day for 7 days.

Cold showers are a great way of starting something (like the day ahead), because they prove to yourself that you have the mental and physical toughness to accomplish whatever other resolutions you’ve set. So let’s mark the end of the QuaranTEAM games as the start of the next phase of our training. It is not just the ending, it is a beginning of the next chapter too. We have a great future ahead and doing this final challenge will mark the next phase very well. Plus, cold water comes with lots of other benefits as well.

The easiest way to get your cold water exposure is in the form of a shower or bath. However you can take a dip in a cold body of water too. You can also start off with your regular hot shower and end with a cold one or make your entire shower cold. The form of the exposure doesn’t matter, as long as it lasts for at least 3 minutes.

Do what you think is best

“Cold” will obviously be relative here; the coldest cold that comes out of the tap might be different for different people. I know my shower does not get that cold.  Go as cold as you can without it being too severe. It should at least make you uncomfortable. Let your conscience be your guide. You could reduce the duration if you want to, just give as much a go as you feel you can.

Some people start hot, go cold for 3 minutes then hot to end. I personally did that to start and then soon found I enjoyed ending with cold. Also when the boiler breaks you have conditioning and are ready for the cold shower when you have no other option. Also we did set up a chest freezer ice-bath at the gym once, that was fun! Cold can be good for breathing skills more than recovery but everyone is different and can benefit from trying this at least once in their life.

Please record this weeks results on the google form.

Good luck and stay safe!!

Please book your spots in classes on wodify when the doors open again this week. 

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