Position Is Power

Our new ‘Position is Power’ workshop has been designed by our Functional Patterns practitioner coach Harriet and is taking place in CrossFit Shropshire, Fitness and Nutrition Shrewsbury.

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This course will cover:
-Body assessment before and after.
-Bespoke training for you to improve on what you need to work on.
-Glute tension
-Upper back tension
-Understand what to prioritise when it comes to finding your neutral position

This will be a fun 90 minute session with top quality coaching. You will get a lot out of it and walk away feeling great. There will be limited places so book now to reserve your spot.

Harriet takes a step-by-step approach to help you get out of pain and better understand how to improve your body mechanics.

It is highly likely they reason you feel pain in the body is because of an imbalance. Muscles can get tight and joints get sore because the body is out of balance. The first step to addressing discomfort is knowing what’s wrong, to begin with. Harriet will help you to see that this is actually a straightforward process.

Coach Harriet has been training in Functional Patterns for a few years now. Once you do the course you will be able to further your training by working with Harriet 1:1 or in her small group classes.

Harriet teaches a programmeme (Functional Patterns Shrewsbury) that is scientifically based and focused on overall health and the results are long-lasting. She will help you to improve the way you move and get to the source of your problems so that you can continue to workout, life and enjoy life for your whole lifetime.

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