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Nothin’ To Lose Cycle – How to Box Jump and How to Wall Ball

Nothin' To Lose How To Wall Ball and How To Box Jump and Vertical Jump CrossFit ShropshireNew Cycle

Nothin’ To Lose

  1. GPP
  2. Wall Balls
  3. Jumping

We are going to implement skills and strengths for wall balls and jumping. Why now? Well its getting into winter and we might programme less running in the dark cold, wet nights. So we all know that jumping creates a lot of loading on your body (achilles tendon especially) and so does running. So the deadly combo of running and jumping has caused some catastrophic injuries to people over the world if not done correctly. We have nothing to lose but complete more jumping than running this cycle.

We will teach you the skill of jumping and landing as well as condition your body for it.

  1. Karen
  2. Wall Ball Pace Test
  3. Wall Ball 2 for 1 shots
  4. Vertec Vertical Jump
  5. Standing Broad Jump
  6. Max Height Box Jump

We will do this with the following skills skills:

Wall Balls
  1. Wall Ball Breathing Skill
  2. Perfect form linked wall balls
  3. Fast eccentric air squats X032
  4. Wall Ball 2 for 1 shots
  1. Wall Ball Pace Test, do as many wall balls as possible, within the set time cut offs, 12 in :30, 25 in 1:00 etc.
  1. Perfect Air Squats
  2. Air Squat Jumps
  3. Jumping Lunges
  4. Jumping Lunges with Arm Circles
  1. Build Up Box Jump Height 1″ at a time with perfect Rebound Skill
  2. Step Up Skill
  3. Step Down Skill
  1. From Knees Jump To Feet
  2. From Knees Jump To Feet With Bar On Back
  3. From Knees, Bar At Thighs, Clean
  4. From Knees, Bar At Thighs, Snatch
  5. From Knees, Bar At Thighs, Split Snatch
  1. Max Height From 12″ Seated Box Jump Onto Another Box.
  2. Max Weight for 12″ Seated Box Jump onto 20″ and 29″ Boxes.

The Strength part is going to be a little more different to what we are used to. Instead of the Max Effort and Dynamic Effort days we are following a Heavy, Light and Medium (Mon, Wed and Fri) cycle of only Ass to Grass Front Squats and (wait for it) Calf Raises. We have nothing to lose but blown achilles tendons and barbells will strengthen the while chain, so lets do weighted calf raises. Only twice a week though. Also these are accessory at the end of the session, 30 reps! These are load bearing muscles, lets make them scream!

  1. Ass To Grass Front Squat Cycle, Mon, Wed, Fri
  2. Calf Raises, Seated, Standing twice a week

Short to medium words, Mon,Tue,Wed and Fri with the occasional Longer one on Saturday. With constantly varied functional movements completed at high intensity. All words scaled for each athlete.

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