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New Programmemes

Team, this is truly exciting. As we slowly exit lockdown and we enter the ‘new normal’. We do feel that the this ‘new normal’ should really include a barbell or two! Many people have been requesting more strength training after the fantastic conditioning workouts they have been doing at home or in outside classes.

Our plan going forward is to put on a Speciality Programmeming Service. To start with, we will open up more time slots in the gym, to let members get their strength training on. See this as a supervised strength session, a coach will be there to supervise and offer coaching tips if you ask, but it is your time, where you can come in and do your own training.

We will limit the attendance to COVID safe numbers and keep social distancing in place. We will also offer extra cleaning products to keep the gym clean and safe. We need to keep track of who enters and exits the gym for track and trace purposes. If track and trace call then we need to be able to know who was in the gym at the same time.

We will open up Monday and Wednesday evening, before class, for a 45 minute supervised session. Added to this the new “Friday Night At The Bar!” evening session, a barbell bias Crossfit session, so we can still hit a consistent strength programmeme with three chances in a week. There is also the option of being issued with a bespoke training programmeme, please get in contact for more info!

We’ve got all the kit we loaned over lockdown back, but we will be adding essential extra weights and barbells, so the strength programmeme can really start properly. No point having our epic new outfitting without the kit! For the time being, Fran will continue to programmeme strength elements during normal classes, to prep us for the coming weeks.

The training will be a proper gradual progressive programmeme, to ease us in nicely after a long time without it. This is a genuinely exciting improvement to the gym and going forward we can help people even more by adding this service.
As the future unfolds, we hope to be able to open up more time available to classes and speciality programmeming open gym, let us know of what you’d like to see.

On Friday 7th at 1900hrs we will do an introduction to the new programmeming – all are welcome to join in. We will be going through the template and strategy for the weeks ahead. This is a planning session and we can do it either in person at the gym or via zoom too. Please bring a pen, paper and enthusiasm!

Many thanks everyone. Please email me if you have any questions

Graham and the CFS Team

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