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May PBs

May was a good month for us at the box. We started the running club once again now we have the lighter nights. The running as a skill is very important and everyone can improve and clean up their running, with video analysis and drills.

Here re are our PBs this month:

May 2015
Donna – 10rep handstand push-up (10 mats)
Donna – handstand push-up (5mats)
Bee – strict handstand push-up 10reps (12mats)
Dan young – thruster 70kg
Dan young – box squat 150kg
Leanne stevo- handstand push-up X2 (14mats)
Bee – Cindy (RX) 11 rounds
Baz – handstand walk 30meters
Baz – back squat 125kg
Becky – bench press 25kg
Bee – front squat 62.5kg
Yum – deadlift 90kg
Duncan – deadlift 140kg
Si Jones – pull-ups max X10
Si Jones – handstand push-up X2 strict
Si Jones – muscle up X1
Mikey – muscle up X1
Leanne stevo – box squat 70kg X2
Sarah – box squat 70kg X4
Leanne stevo – front squat 60kg
Sarah – front squat 57.5kg
Si Jones – front squat 80kg
Jack – Front squat 100kg
Jack – clean 90kg
Szilvia – front squat 80kg
Sarah – back squat 75kg
Baz – deadlift X2 180kg
Szilvia – push press 53kg
Szilvia- clean 55kg
Becky – back squat 45kg
Yum – back squat 45kg
Jamie – back squat 75kg
Becky – deadlift 70kg
Jamie – deadlift 90kg
Szilvia- deadlift 125kg
Szilvia- back squat 102.5kg
Bee – shoulder press 40kg
Summer – front squat X3 40kg
Bee – front squat X3 55kg

Sorry his post is a wee late!

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