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March PB’s

March has been fun at the box with lots of new faces and existing athletes performing well. We entered the CrossFit Games Open, of note 15.5 was ace. Sophie and Sam put on some great efforts to do well.

Well done everyone, here’s The list of March Personal Bests:

Bee – box squat 100kg
Becky – Deadlift 67kg
Fiona – Deadlift 130kg
Fiona – box squat 140kg
Brian – Deadlift 180kg
Sam – Deadlift 160kg
Simon – Deadlift 150kg
Leanne – power clean 47kg
Bee – power clean 36kg
Baz – power clean 87kg
Bee – front squat 45kg
Becky – front squat 25kg
Sophie – Angie 17m 55s
Bee – bench press 42.5kg
Yaz – clean & jerk 32kg
Sophie – Deadlift 125kg
Mikey – Deadlift 130kg
Sian – Deadlift 105kg
Sophie – Deadlift 130kg
Duncan – Deadlift 130kg
Cat – Deadlift 55kg
Yaz – front squat 2rm 42.5kg
Sarah – front squat 45kg
Donna – front squat 32.5
Mary – front squat 22kg
Sophie – sumo Deadlift 115kg
Donna – sumo Deadlift 3rm 65kg
Yaz – sumo Deadlift 3rm 75kg
Bee – sumo Deadlift 100kg
Mikey – split jerk 70kg
Mikey – muscle up 1st
Sophie – split jerk 70kg
Baz’s dad Beamond – Deadlift 2r 95kg
Bee – kipping pull-up 2reps
Bee – power snatch 30kg
Bee – handstand pull-up 9mats
Sam – clean 85kg
Yaz – bench press 50kg
Sophie – push press 70kg
Bee – bench press 50kg
Bee – push press 40kg
Sophie – weighted strict pull-up 15kg
Louis – CF Total 435kg
Sophie – bench press 72.5kg
Yaz – bench press 52kg
Sarah – bench press 35kg
Fiona – front squat 2rm 70kg
Baz – muscle-up 1st
Baz – handstand push-up 8rm
Bee – back squat 66kg
Yaz – back squat 70kg
Leanne – back squat 70kg
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The clocks are now changed and it’s time to use the outdoor facility a little more in readiness for the summer! 



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