June PBs

We had a good time in June. The Oly lifting classes were ramped up by the addition of Louis to the coaching team (so were prepared for the exit of Breeno as he moved to coach the Scottish Snowboarding team, that’s another story next month).

We prepared for battle of the Gods, which Sophie and Sam qualified for.  They worked hard the previous months and got a respectable but lower end of the seeding. Wait for next month to see how well they did!

Here’s the PBs for this month:

June 2015
Sophie T – deadlift 131kg
Ben – overhead squat 65kg
Yum – overhead squat 35kg
Baz – deadlift X5 180kg
Baz – overhead squat 85kg
Bee – overhead squat 47.5kg
Louis K – shoulder press 45kg
George – shoulder press 45kg
Szilvia- overhead squat X5 45kg
Louis K – burpee box jump 43″
George – burpee box jump 45″
Bee – snatch 35kg
Bee – clean 45kg
Baz – squat clean 90kg
Szilvia- overhead squat 55kg
Bee – clean & jerk 42.5kg
Ben – split jerk 85kg
Leanne stevo – split jerk 55kg
Bee – split jerk 50kg
Bee – handstand push-up X3 no mats
Bee – handstand walk 4m
Bee – shoulder press 25kg
Bee – push press 50kg
Yaz – clean 50kg
Bee – clean 46kg
Yum – clean 47.5kg
Bee – bench press 55kg
Yum – front squat 62.5kg
Bee – front squat 62.5kg
Bee – overhead squat X3 45kg


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