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HB5.3 Perfect Form Deadlit then 2X 6:00 AMRAP


[accordion title=”Warm Up/ Skill Transfer”]
-Run 200m @ 90-98 cadence
-Hit some warm up reps of the deadlift to the working weight. In-between MWOD areas of need and reverse hyper
-No run/row today
[accordion title=”Strength”]
3X Perfect form Waves of 1 rep max Deadlift
Go up in weight in small amounts. Ensure you fight to keep perfect technique. One small fail and you drop weight 10-15kg (wave over) move up again for the next wave.
[accordion title=”S&C WOD”]

2X 6:00 AMRAPS, rest 2:00 between them
0:05 sec wall bar chin over bar hold
10 Knees to elbows
10 Weighted step ups (5 each leg)


[accordion title=”Assistance/Skill”]
-Spend 5 minute working on a goat

[accordion title=”Assistance”]
-During the cool down either:
10:00 in L-Sit

[accordion title=”Cool Down”]
-Immediately run 200m post workout. Focus on good skill for the duration of this run.
[accordion title=”Intent”]

Advanced way to train barbel lifts, try to go heavy and if needs be use more waves. As you progress your perfect form 1RM will equal your 1RM!
Then a wod of movements broken down to their basic elements to ensure you can get strong in those parts. Ready to scale up for pistols, CTBs ans TTBs.





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