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HB4.4 Restoration Day Or Battle Buddy Bar WOD

Today is a rest day. Try this MWOD though!!

[accordion title=”WOD”]
-Battle Buddy Bar
4 Rounds for time
40 Front Squats (75/45)
40 SDHP (75/45)
40 Push Press (75/45)
200 Jump Rope Singles Or 1000m Row

*Teams of two. Each athlete does half the reps with the bar then hands the bar off. The bar cannot be put back down for the entire workout. Athlete 1 does 20 Front Squats to start while Athlete 2 rests. Then the bar is handed off and Athlete 2 does 20 Front Squats while Athlete 1 rests and so on. When Athlete 1 finishes the PP they move to the jump rope singles. Athlete 2 will complete their PP reps then hold the bar however they want until Athlete 1 returns for the second round of Front Squats.




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