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A lot of our members have been with us for a while and some are new but I wanted to let you all know a little bit about the history of the gym and our vision.

CrossFit Shropshire was born in 2007 when I was a Community Support Officer for West Mercia Police. This was my first job after university and I enjoyed running youth groups, keeping young people on the straight and narrow by using fitness. I opened the gym as a part time business while I was working for West Mercia. I went over to the States for my Level 1 as there was only one other course happing in the UK and I could not go to that one. The CF Legends, Pat Sherwood and EC were the facilitators, I later learned that Greg stopped doing seminars in 2007, would have been nice to meet him!

In 2010 I joined Shropshire Fire and Rescue and I am still a wholesome firefighter today. Like at the gym I enjoy helping others, I have been to too many peoples worst day of their lives; house fires, river rescues and car crashes. It is a fun job and I do get to do lots of unusual things. 

The gym has always been a part time job passion for me. I enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals and we have been very successful to many people. But in 2018 my mum was diagnosed with cancer and I spent 9 months focusing my time on her, who lived lone and needed my support before she passed away earlier this year.  In spending less time at the box I let the service slip, I am sorry for that.  We need many improvements to take place. One of the improvements is getting a cracking team of coaches, so we can put on excellent service!

This is part of our Vision:

To be the best Gym within 100 miles:

  1. To offer the best services.
  2. To have the best gym environment, amazing staff and quality equipment.

Why 100 miles? Well this is so we can measure ourselves with other best practices and strive for the best service to our members. 

What are the best services? These are goal driven by our members, we want you to achieve your goals so let’s start planning and working towards them. 

Also we want the facility itself to be the best, we are going through some improvements at the moment and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped so far. 

Here are some of our values:

CrossFit Shropshire is a place where we want to help others improve their physical and mental well being. We will create an environment where we will support and encourage each other.

We must treat others with dignity and respect, always tell the truth while being polite. We must be assertive and stand up to unacceptable behaviour. We will not put down other people or other organisations. 

We will all follow proper nutritional advice and eat clean, we will train and actively recover to ensure we have a healthy long life.

To have a vision and values we have an amazing starting block for our improvements. I truly believe that the team at CrossFit Shropshire will make the gym the best place to train and be part of.

Ultimately I really wan to help you first, I am keen to make the gym an even better place for everyone.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you in the gym soon,



I have been spending a lot of my time working on the business recently, I am sorry if I’m not on the coal face coaching as often as I used to be. I am still driven to help you have amazing service at the box.

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