Gym Values

Help, Lead, Service, Integrity, Excellence

These values help make the gym the happiest place in Shropshire. Our coaches and members all share these values too.

Help – Help others improve their areas of need.

Lead – Be an example. Do the right thing. Let others know the right thing

Service – To family, close friends, team, community, everyone else.

Integrity – Do the right thing.

Excellence – Be the best, be consistent.

The Gym Shield, the three loggerheads represent Fitness, Health and Happiness

These values are linked into our services and in our standard operating procedures as well. All our coaches are nice people, share these values and having and in doing so align them to our vision.

Mission Statement

To help people be fit, healthy and happy.

We are the best gym within 100miles. We do this by having the best, most caring staff and focus on our clients needs and goals. 

We regularly talk to our clients about their goals and ensure our clients keep achieving their goals. 

The gym is a place where members and staff give all visitors a very warm welcome. We have the best environment to train at. The gym is kept safe, clean and is a happy place to visit. All are welcome to help make it a fantastic experience to visit. 

We offer the best mindset training to allow people to keep a happy and healthy mental health. 

We offer the best training methods to service our clients exact needs. We do these by one to ones, small groups or at home training. 

We offer the best nutritional coaching to fit the needs of our clients so we can help them to achieve their goals. 

We do what is best for children, we will offer specific young people fitness coaching, mindset and nutrition training.

With this mission statement being aligned to our values we can provide an outstanding service to help people.

This is the end of our three part email series about why we do things in the gym. I really hope you enjoyed reading about why we do what we do.

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