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February PB’s

It’s been a good month at the box, we have a lot to celebrate. We won the local mud run (the only race our team entered this month!) and our athletes are improving all the time. Here is a list from the PB board:

Bee – Deadlift 100kg
Sian – Back squat 90kg
Bee – box squat with chains 75kg
Bee – push press 35kg
Sophie – Baseline 4.12
Sophie – Annie 7.10
Sophie – power clean 65kg
Beckie – hang clean 22.5kg
Baz – Box squat 195kg
Baz – Deadlift 195kg
Baz – Bench press 115kg
Dom – Ring dips 24
Bee – Sumo Deadlift 70kg
Sophie – 60 hollow bodies
Sophie – Deadlift 115kg
Bee – Floor press 40kg
Mary – Floor press 20kg
Bee – Front squat 45kg
Bee – Box squat 100kg
Bee – Baseline (blue band) 4:55
Leanne – Baseline (green band) 5:55
Sophie – Box squat 100kg
Beckey – Deadlift 62kg
Fiona – Deadlift 130kg
Sophie – floor press 77kg
Sophie – clean & jerk 67,5kg
IMG_9458 IMG_9471 IMG_9488 IMG_9492 IMG_9505 IMG_9521 IMG_9524 IMG_9546
Every month we will publish the PB board and some cool photos from the month. Well done everyone!!


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