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Is CrossFit Safe?

Well, we are a CrossFit gym in Shrewsbury so I would say that I think you know what our answer will be…

There is risk and danger all around, we live in the real world after all. So why choose CrossFit over HIIT, Bootcamp, Zumba, Running? People do because CrossFit done well is safe and it works. You can have good and bad CrossFit gyms. I know ours is a good one:

We have been in the gym and fitness business in Shrewsbury for a long time, (well over a decade) and we were one of the first CrossFit Gyms (Affiliates) in the UK.

We have a team of top coaches who are trained to look after you every time you visit us.

Our coaches are nice happy people who genuinely care about our members and want them to move well.

Exercising is generally safe, if you do too much volume or reps that your body cant handle then its not safe. Nor is it safe if you move with poor technique.

Our gym is a coaching gym. When you come to our gym you will work with a coach and they will ensure you move well and do just the right amount of work so you can recover well. By doing these two things you will improve your fitness.

So come to visit us, do some 1:1 personal training sessions, attend some group classes in Shrewsbury, start working out, start having fun.

Yes it is

Do your research, look at the gym you go to now. Can you see coaches helping people all the time? Are people doing anything dangerous? Is everyone warming up and cooling down properly? I would recommend trying a gym where helping is the first priority. A gym like CrossFit Shropshire, Fitness and Nutrition in Shrewsbury.

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Is CrossFit Safe? CrossFit Shropshire Fitness and Nutrition in Shrewsbury

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