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You need a fitness coach. Like anything in life if you employ a professional to help then you will get the job done more efficiently and in shorter time spans.

Fitness and coaching is no different. If you join an access-only gym then you will not have the expertise of a professional coach. 

Head coach Alex loves quality fitness coaching

Coaches give you knowledge, our coaches have been coaching for over a decade each (at a minimum). That is many years and many client’s worth of experiences and knowledge to impart to you. 

CrossFit Shropshire has great coaching and we will educate you on all aspects of health, fitness and exercise. Knowledge is power and when it comes to your fitness goals. Having a proper understanding of what is required for you to reach those goals is incredibly empowering.

Proper technique when performing exercises is essential in reducing the risk of injury. Many people every year are injured by performing exercises they have not received training for. This can impact our health and fitness for a long time. Having a coach actually coach you to execute certain tasks will greatly reduce the level of risk and increase the effectiveness of your fitness routine.

Our coaches will keep you accountable to your new fitness routine. You make the appointments and then show up. It is that easy.

If you’re in Shrewsbury and looking for another well coached gym check out Dam Strong Gym.

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