6.4 Rose Tattoo

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Warm up/Skill Transfer

Running Drills (No Measure)

Complete the running drills you need to do. The Coach will offer advice if you need help to remember the set you are on.

Run Cadence Drill (No Measure)

Run with a lower cadence for a longer duration, then a higher cadence for a lower duration.

1-4 sets

Grip Strength -Pinch (No Measure)

i) Pinch hold the heaviest plate you can

ii) Pinch hold two plates together in one hand, the heaviest plates you can

iii) Pinch hold and spin and catch the heaviest plate you can.

Repeat for both hands

Grip Strength -Hold (No Measure)

i) Hang off the finger board for :30

ii) Single arm hangs off the finger board :30

iv) False grip or goose neck grip pull ups max rep

A Wrist Mob 1.0 (No Measure)

i Fingers/hand forward, Shoulders forward

ii Fingers/hand towards you, Shoulders back

iii Fingers/hand facing each other, Shoulders left then right

iv Fingers/hands turned out, Shoulders left then right.

Repeat i-iv on back of hand

A Wrist conditioning 1.0 (No Measure)

i Wrist push ups- Fingers/hands facing each other, move from hands flat on floor up to the knuckles. Bend arms slightly like a press up.

ii Knuckle push ups- Fingers/hands facing forwards, move from hands flat on the floor up to weight supported on straight fingers.

Start on knees and complete 10 reps of each. Increase range of motion over the weeks. Target will be a full press up with the above positions.

Skipping for DUs (No Measure)

30 as slow as possible single unders

2:00 of 1 double under : 3 single unders

(If this is easy, add more reps to the DUs e.g. 3DU:3SU)

2:00 max rep unbroken DUs

(If you can’t DU spend more time on the previous stage)


Complete the retcon you need to do.

Thursday and Sunday is a rest day on the CFS programmeme.

Cool down

Ensure you cool down well, MWOD and hit more skills…

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