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1.7 The Green Fields of France

CrossFit Shropshire – CrossFit

Sunday is our CFS rest day. As some athletes schedule rest in other days we still programme a wod at the end.


Warm up run 10-400m + MWOD (No Measure)

Start the physical and mental preparation to workout. Run as far as needed. then MWOD areas of need (your targets and areas needed for the positions in the wod)



TTB Strength (No Measure)

2 sets

TTB (Tuck and Kick) on floor or wall bar.

5-15 reps

TTB (Pike) on floor, hold KB or wall bar.

5-15 reps

Progress from the floor onto the wall bar.

Try the wall bar each session. One session have the primary focus on ROM, the next on strength and go as high as possible

TTB Stretches (No Measure)

2:00 on each leg, Hammie stretch

2:00 on each arm, banded shoulder distraction

2:00 on each leg, couch stretch

5-10 Light stiff leg good mornings, hold in end range.

Kipping TTB (No Measure)

Kipping (TTB Pike)

i) On rings 10 Dish/Arch swings

ii) 10 kipping Straight leg raises, to 45, 90, 135 degrees, rings. Ensure you flow and connect the 10.

Kipping (TTB Tuck and Kick)

i) On rings 10 Dish/Arch swings

ii) 10 kipping Tuck and kick to max height, to 45, 90, 135 degrees, rings. Ensure you flow and connect the 10.

KEEP back inline with the rig on the up phase. Only go as high as you can with the kick.

Knees To Elbow (Unbroken Flowing Max Reps)

Toes-To-Bar (Unbroken Flowing Max reps)



GHD Skills (No Measure)

Complete i in week 1, then do sets of ii, you pick the time. Do 3-5 sets. Move arms to different positions to make it harder. As the weeks progress keep breathing! Focus on good position at all times.

i) GHD sit test. Can you sit with legs straight, spine straight?

Sit upright with legs out, comfortably.

MWOD hips, hammies, calves, feet to help.

(test 30 ab mat sit ups at this stage)

ii) GHD parallel holds. Hold for 3x :20,:30, :45 0r :60 seconds. Pick a time and progres through the weeks.

Focus on straight spine.

iii) GHD parallel sit ups. Focus on moving with a perfect position throughout the movement. Flat spine.

Use hip flexors to raise your spine and hinge at the HIP only!

(Test 30 quality sit ups at this)

iv) Increase the ROM lower as the spine and body gets able to move very well.

30 Sit Ups (30 Ab Mat Sit Ups)

30 Ab MAt Sit Ups


Pull Ups

Hang conditioning 1.0 (No Measure)

i Passive hang :10 – 1:00

ii Active hang, 7 reps Passive – Active, (:03 in each position that’s 1 rep)

iii Arch hang :10 – :30

iv Passive – Active – Arch – Active – Passive, :03 in each position. That’s 1 rep. 1-5 sets

Hanging conditioning 2.0 (No Measure)

i- Hang in active position, transfer body weight onto one arm, then to the other. Slowly on each arm 5 times.

ii- In active transfer weight onto left side and slowly remove right hand. Repeat for right arm.

iii- In active hang on one arm, remove arm down to hips and back up. Aim for :10-:30 on each arm.

Kipping Pull Ups (No Measure)

i) Dish and Arch swings 3-10 reps. Grow the swing equally large on both sides, control and ensure you can stop on a penny.

ii) Dish/Arch swings and Jump. Swing and when you can see the bar on the dish (dont break the neck), ‘lat pull down’, straight arm and jump. Ensure these flow (into 5 reps) and are controlled (stop on a penny at the end)

iii) Dish/Arch into pull (chin needs to go 75% of the way up

iv) Dish/Arch, Pull, Kip.

On the flor do the ‘B-Boy’ lying down, kip jump to feet drill. Ensure you OPEN out hips and jump shoulders off deck.

Transfer that to the bar at the right timing.

Dish/Arch on the floor, only middle of body can touch. 10 reps.

v) Dish/Arch, Pull, Kip, Bench

Once chin is over bar (for this go chin over, ontop of!) Bench press the body away (at 90 degrees) to the bar.

Then flow into the Arch position, transfer to dish, then pull, kip, bench.

Connect and flow 5 reps then stop on a penny.

Ensure you are in Active position on the shouders and you are active in all part on the movement too.

Wrists dont move and keep hands still.

Place hands on bar for good grip (meat first)

Strict Pull Ups (7-7-7 (7 chins, 7 pull ups, 7 shoulder touches)

Strict Pull Ups


Metcon (Time)

For time:

Run, 800 m

— then —

10 rounds of:

10 Knees To Elbows

10 Hug A Twinkies

— then —

Run, 800 m


If your missing a strength session this week.

Strict Pull Ups (3x 7-7-7 (chins, pull ups, hehind neck (any grip))

Strict Pull Ups


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