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1.2 Nothin’ To Lose

CrossFit Shropshire – CrossFit


Warm up run 10-400m + MWOD (No Measure)

Start the physical and mental preparation to workout. Run as far as needed. then MWOD areas of need (your targets and areas needed for the positions in the wod)


Wall Ball (No Measure)

Complete A to D as the weeks progress

A) Wall Ball Breathing drill. With a light (or virtual) wall ball, breathe out on the way down and in on the way up

B) Wall Balls Rx weight and height 5-10 reps

C) Air Squats X032 3-10 reps

D) Wall Ball 2 for 1 shots 3-10 reps

Wall Ball Milestones (AMRAP – Reps)

30 seconds: 12 shots

1 minute: 25 shots

1 1⁄2 minutes: 37 shots

2 minutes: 50 shots

2 1⁄2 minutes: 62 shots

3 minutes: 75 shots

3 1⁄2 minutes: 87 shots

4 minutes: 100 shots

4 1⁄2 minutes: 112 shots

5 minutes: 125 shots

5 1⁄2 minutes: 137 shots

6 minutes: 150 shots

Weighted Seated Box Jump (Weight)

Max Weight Seated Box Jump

From 12″ seated box, jump onto a 20″ box.

Max weight with barbell on back

Rock back, swing the arms to the rear while lifting feet off the ground, then swing the arms forward, and slam the feet down as you jump up to the box.


Elizabeth (Time)


Clean, 135# / 95#

Ring Dips

LI: Metcon (Time)

If you can do Cleans with the required weight but it is going to turn into a slog try the following scaling:




Ring Dips

If you are on the other end and the ring dips are going to be a slog then scale this way:




Ring Dips

LII: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Dumbbell cleans

Bar Dips

If you can’t do do bar dips do 1.5X the number bench dips.


Standing Calf Raise (30-30-30)

On 2″ blocks
One light warm up set then 3 sets of heavy 30 reps. Toes straight ahead, turned inward, and turned outward. Stretch out after each set!



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